V2 Cigs Coupon Code

v2 cigs coupon code

Save 15% Off V2 Starter Kits

v2 cigs coupon code

Save 10% Off Entire Purchase And Get A Healthier Lifestyle And Smoke

v2 cigs coupon code

20%-45% OFF V2 Clearance Items

Last Updated September 15th, 2014

Current V2 Cigs Promotion:

468x60 V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes current sale promo
v2 cigs coupon codeIMPORTANT:

When buying a combination of products (V2 cigs starter kits AND V2 batteries/juice/accessories) you must make them in two transactions. If you’re just buying a starter kit OR anything else you can just use the code 10% Off Code from above.

1.Add to your cart ONLY starter kits and use the 15% starter kit code given above.

2.Purchase all other (non-starter kit) items on a SEPARATE transaction and use the 10% off all items code given above..

If you don’t do it like this you will be losing out on the second discount. I tested this out myself and it worked! Wahoo, Happy Vaping!

Codes for 2013

More on these codes:

10% discount on all purchases from www.v2cigs.com , www.vaporcouture.com  & www.ecigs.com  (valid for ALL V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture & Vantage Vapor – Ecigs.com merchandise, including kits, cartridges, and accessories)

15% discount on all starter kits purchased from www.v2cigs.com  & www.vaporcouture.com (valid for V2 Cigs and Vantage Vapor Starter Kits ONLY)

V2 Cigs coupon codes

Use any V2 CIGS Coupon Code from above or from the link when you are looking to save money on your e-cigarette purchase especially during promotional SALES!.

First time customer? Long time user? It does not matter! Use the V2cig coupon every time you are ordering any e-liquids, cartridges, batteries and more to save at the minimum 10% off your final purchase. Best thing is there is no minimum purchase required to use any of these promo codes. There are two ways of using the coupon codes. First way is to click through our link up top. Second, simply enter the coupon code in the “coupon code box” when you are all finished shopping and have your cart filled. Once you activate the coupon you will see the promotional savings in the online invoice. Some e-cigarette packages like starter kits can scoop up more than others but you are pretty much guaranteed 10%. Check back for other discounts and deals as we update this site weekly.

V2 Cigs is honestly one of the most popular online electronic cigarette brand today. Looking for value? No company offers the superior quality and best price that v2cigs.com is known for. They are definitely pushing more electronic cigs and online e-cigarette sales than any other online retailer making them the leader in the industry. Of course a close second goes to Green Smoke. Green smoke also offers green smoke coupon codes in case you are interested in shopping around.

Why smoke vaporizers over tobacco?

I honestly believe that V2 along with other e-cigarettes are a much better alternative the smoking tobacco. In the long run they become cheaper than buying packs making that buldge in your pocket much larger, if you know what I mean. They produce a flavored vapor that is much more pleasant than second hand smoke from cigarettes. I sometimes even convince my friends when they stand next to me that it’s pretty much free febreeze. I don’t know, the girlfriend even loves it.

Looking to quit tobacco cigarettes?

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes allow you to adjust the nicotine to tone down your intake while still satisfying your addiction. Nicotine levels come in sizes from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, all the way up to 36mg.

If your not a smoker but want to try e-cigs anyway?

I would highly recommend smoking the e-liquids or e-juice with a “0mg” nicotine level. Being a non-tobacco smoker myself, it’s not great to start smoking, but I was definitely sold on savory and delicious flavors like Pink-Spot – “French Vanilla” and Mr. Good Vape – “Sunshine” or “Bahama Mama”.

V2cigs.com Product Reviews:

V2 Cigs and V2 pro at the time of writing this has six types of electronic cigarette kits. Each of these are suitable for your desired smoking style. Entry level “Express Kits“ can go for around $25 and contain the basics for starting your vape journey: Rechargeable Batteries, disposable cartriges, and an e-cig battery charger. More accessories can of course be added on later. Larger kits like the “V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit” can go for around $150 if you got extra money to play with. All V2 Cigs starters come with a sick 30-day money back guarantee.

The V2 e-cigs run on 4.2-volt lithium ion batteries. V2 batteries come in sizes ranging from 150mAh (shorty, 160+ puffs), 250mAH (standard, 200+ puffs), and 380mAh (long, 300+ puffs). All of these come in both manual and automatic styles. I would recommend you go with a few V2 disposables if you do not think you are ready to grab a full kit. Getting these will gauge your interest, smoking habits and ultimately how deep you want to go with e-vapes. All these are discounted in your online cart when you use the V2 cigs coupon code. (Do not forget!)

V2 Cigs have very smooth draws and output large amounts of vapor on every hit. They have proven to bring consistent thick smoke out of each puff. Try them yourself!

Ecigs.com Coupon Codes and Vantage Vapor Coupons

Vapor Couture for Women:

If you’re looking for something more fashionable, check out the V2cigs female line VaporCouture.com. you can also get discounts using these vapor couture coupons.

How long do the batteries last?

V2 rechargeable batteries can last around 4-5 hours for heavy smokers and over 2 weeks for just those who smoke on occasion.

Look for weekly and daily deals for V2 as we continue to update this site and hopefully accomplish our goals to SAVE YOU MONEY! Peace.

250x250 V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes current sale promo

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